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Water and Surface Rights

The Van Deemen Project is located in the Lake Mohave and Detrital Valley Basins.  There is no readily available year-round source of fresh water on the property. Seasonal surface water may be available from the local drainages during the rainy season in July and August, but these sources are dry for most of the year. Any fresh water required for future exploration or mining purposes will have to be either purchased from a local source, such as from the water well on the nearby ranch, trucked from a communal source, such as from the communities of White Hills or Dolan Springs, or drawn from a successful well yet to be drilled (see Figures 4.2-1 and 4.3-1).
A search of the Arizona Division of Water Resources web site well log database ( shows there are 38 active wells in the same Township as the Van Deemen project, one of which falls within the project claim boundary (see table 4.3.1 for summary and Figure 4.3 for locations and Appendix B for well summary).

Groundwater Map

According to Lacy (2011), when water is present in underground aquifers, rights to groundwater are governed by a State water code that initially recognizes the right of the surface owner to make a ‘beneficial use’ of the land or the water. The process of withdrawal is governed by a permitting system managed by the Arizona Department of Water Resources. This management is substantially restricted within “Active Management Areas” but it should be noted that the Property is not within an Active Management Area.