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Private Placement 506(c)


International Star Inc.  (OTC:”ILST” or the “Company”) is a growth oriented, mining company, focused on creating exceptional shareholder value through the acquisition and development of undervalued precious metal assets that can rapidly become cash generative. The company’s mission is to create sustainable value for our shareholders, employees and the communities where we operate through the development of profitable mining operations and a commitment to safety, social and environmental responsibility.

The Company’s core asset is the Van Deemen claim group located in the Black Mountains of Northwestern Arizona.  This area is one of the most prolific gold-producing mountain ranges in Arizona, which historically has yielded over 2.44 million ounces of gold. Historical non-compliant SEC Industry Guide 7 reports state that the Van Deemen project hosts a gold resource of 34,000 troy ounces contained in 1,000,000 tons.

Using funds advanced to the Company by its officers, and employing state of the art geologic modeling software, management has recalculated the resource utilizing all data currently available. Based on internal analysis, the Company believes the project is economically viable, even with gold trading at current low prices.

The Company plans to raise up to $7.5 million to fund the Van Deemen gold project through permitting and into production.  To facilitate the funding, the Company has commenced a Regulation 506C offering of Unsecured Promissory Notes to accredited investors.  These notes are structured:

  • 100% of the Company’s Van Deemen’s Gold Project goes to Noteholders until Noteholders are paid in full.
  • Subscribers of the first $2,500,000 (“Initial Investors”) will receive their principal investment back, plus a 128% profit, while remaining investors (“Secondary Investors”) will receive an 85% profit 60 months from Closing as defined by the Private Placement Memorandum dated Remaining January 1, 2016 and amended as of March 3, 2016. The preceding profit percentages are based on $1,300 gold.

With the volatility of the today's markets, fund managers suggest that gold stocks are currently undervalued and may present a 'Once in a Decade Buying Opportunity'.*

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