International Star, Inc.


18 July 2016

Dear Shareholders and Friends of ILST, I wanted to provide you with a corporate update.

Management continues in its discussions with several investment banking firms as well as our contacts in the US, Europe and China. The consensus of participants in the precious metals space is that the price of gold will remain above $1,300/oz. ILST has updated our projections to reflect to what is believed to be the floor for gold ($1,300). We now have a much more compelling story for investors as shown in the summary table below.

$1,300 Au   Principal Repayment Total % Return IRR
Early Stage Permit investor          
Single Note ($100,000)   $100,000 $127,555 128% 39%
Full Amount($2,500,000)   $2,500,000 $3,188,881 128% 39%
Late Stage Build-out investor          
Single Note ($100,000)   $100,000 $85,037 85% 29%
Full Amount($5,000,000)   $5,000,000 $4,251,841 85% 29%

As the above chart indicates, the return the investors will receive is substantially greater at $1,300 gold. As an example, an Early Stage investor at $100,000 not only receives his original principal back, but also a 128% profit ($127,555) generating a IRR of 39%.

Additionally, the expiration date for the offering is extending for an additional 90 days. The collateral material has been updated and is in being disseminated to previous interested parties, as well as, new contacts.

Results of the meeting with the Swiss investor provided some suggestions for moving the project forward, but no definitive interest. However, our dialogue with other European bankers are ongoing. We can continue to be solicited by Canadian investment banking firms that are confident that they can raise the capital, and we are pursuing funds needed to engage them, as well as, fund the SEC Industry Guide 7 Technical Report.

Lastly, I want to inform investors that I moved to Southern Florida which will allow me to network with high net worth individuals and promote our offering.

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