International Star, Inc.



Dear shareholders and friends of ILST,

In an ongoing effort to maintain full transparency with our valued stakeholders I will be requesting that the Transfer Agent provide current share structure numbers upon request to any/all interested parties. I would ask that inquiries be sent via email to ClearTrust. Our experience with Clear Trust has been excellent and they are prompt in responding. Please allow one (1) day before making inquiries.
The current share structure of ILST is as follows:
Outstanding    1,061,564,615
Float:        918,737,109
Authorized:     3 Billion
 We recently completed a small raise of capital to pay for essential items like business licenses. None of the ILST team takes a salary nor are they selling the stock that they hold in the company. We are looking ahead to getting the Van Deemen gold project online. Speaking for myself and the entire ILST team, we know that our efforts won’t be rewarded until gold is produced. We are indeed motivated to get the company into the production phase.
Some have inquired about the recent A/S increase. I hope that yesterday's press release sheds some light on why it was essential to make room for accredited investors that want to take part in the 506C Private Placement. I will continue to update the market about our progress on this placement.

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