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Welcome to Ask the CEO – my weekly website blog where I answer questions, each Monday morning, from shareholders, investors and other interested parties on issues related to the Company. Many of the emails and phone calls I receive from stakeholders focus on common themes such as the future of ILST as an investment and how our plans to grow and improve our business will translate into meaningful benefits for the shareholders.
My posts will focus on the Company and its growth strategies. In addition to discussing our performance and the current issues facing our business, from time to time, I will also address the external challenges we face, including volatility in the capital/equity markets.
My objective is to be transparent and accessible in communicating with you, our stakeholders. This is your forum to have your questions answered, and I encourage you to submit question to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . I look forward to hearing from you.
Michael Shea


Dear shareholders and friends of ILST,
Management is excited to be hosting the Vegas Conference on November 15th & 16th. Not only are we proud to showcase the Van Deemen Gold Project, but this event will also mark an aggressive campaign to raise additional long term capital via a 506c which will be structured as Series B Convertible Preferred Shares with the standard restriction period of one year.
We have updated shareholders via traditional mail and encourage them and other interested parties to participate in the upcoming Vegas event. Interest in the event is good and several have signed up.
In a recent press release I stated that ILST is working on creative programs to reward our loyal shareholder base. To this extent, I am working with legal to determine if there is a way for longer-term ILST investors to individually participate directly in the success of production based on their investment in our common stock. ILST is committed to rewarding its shareholders. I hope to announce further details about this program at the Vegas Conference and in subsequent press releases.


Hello shareholders and investors, I wanted to give you a brief update on our progress. I realize it has been a couple of weeks without a press release, however, management continues to push forward on the tasks of expanding the resource, permitting and alternative means of financing.
While the gold market has seen signs of strengthening over the last couple of weeks, the overall financing market remains tight. We are running multiple parallel strategies in pursuit of capital raising, including raising the required funding in three tranches, two tranches and all at once. We have put together a comprehensive strategic plan that is being shared with a variety of lenders including royalty financing, project finance and private equity firms, as well as, potential well capitalized mining companies. We are even using crowd funding social media. I assure you, we are leaving no stone unturned.
Barbara has meetings scheduled this week with five of her long term clients from Canada, Mexico, Australia and the US to review the business plan.  She has developed an extensive list of contacts in the past 30 years in the mining industry, and is going thru her list of contacts for potential investors in the project.
Management continues to be very cost conscience.


As announced in the last press release, I attended the SeeThruEquity Fall Microcap Investor Conference yesterday. Held in mid-town New York, assured a robust attendance. I had meetings with several people representing investors, investment banks and a potential joint venture partner. These were introductory meetings but certainly sparked interest. While the rest of the team is focused on technical aspects of Plan of Operation, permitting and expanding the resource, my focus is expanding the visibility of the company and raising capital to bring this project into production. I will continue to provide updates as events unfold.

30 April 2015

I just wanted to provide a brief update, our VP Project Development, just spend a couple of days meeting with mining contractors and visiting nearby mines. More information on this trip will be provided shortly. In the meantime, wanted to inform shareholders that I am in receipt of the Attorney Current Information letter and will be posting it today. This will remove the “stop sign” on OTC Markets and we will regain Pink Current status.

8 April 2015

I wanted to take the opportunity to address an issue that several shareholders have brought to my attention. Frankly, it is one of the easier questions to answer.
The inquiries have pertained to the lack of assets on the Company’s balance sheet. A good question, and one that would cause concern for manufacturing, distribution and even, in some instances, mining companies.
Without getting into US GAAP and SEC regulations, quite simply, what International Star has is a series of “leased” federal mining claims on land that is managed by the Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”). These mineral claims can be split into two categories, claims staked by International Star and leased directly from the BLM; and claims that have been staked, on BLM land, by La Cuesta International, Inc. that are leased to International Star.
While we have the lease of these claims, we do not own them. In fact we make payments on the claims to hold the ground. As such, per GAAP, it would be inappropriate to record these leases, which are renewed annually, as an asset. Rather, exploration costs are expensed via the income statement and not capitalized as an asset.
Further, at this stage of exploration/permitting, it would not make sense to own any mining equipment (e.g. bulldozers, excavators, etc.), nor do I see the need for such fixed asset expenditures, as the mining plan contemplates the use of a qualified “contractor” that has the industry experience and equipment necessary to mine the Van Deeman.
Lastly, much of the work to date (e.g. reports to the BLM, analysis and reporting of many tests results) have been done internally without cost to the Company. We remain committed to be very cost conscious while moving the project forward.
I hope this answers the questions on this topic.
In closing, today, we have posted the results of Acid Based Accounting (ABA) testing on the website on the Projects Update page.  In short, the results for the sample indicate this material has no potential for acid generation due to the net neutralizing capability and the low pyritic sulfur content.

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