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Welcome to Ask the CEO – my weekly website blog where I answer questions, each Monday morning, from shareholders, investors and other interested parties on issues related to the Company. Many of the emails and phone calls I receive from stakeholders focus on common themes such as the future of ILST as an investment and how our plans to grow and improve our business will translate into meaningful benefits for the shareholders.
My posts will focus on the Company and its growth strategies. In addition to discussing our performance and the current issues facing our business, from time to time, I will also address the external challenges we face, including volatility in the capital/equity markets.
My objective is to be transparent and accessible in communicating with you, our stakeholders. This is your forum to have your questions answered, and I encourage you to submit question to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . I look forward to hearing from you.
Michael Shea

20 Jan 2014

I received several inquiries into the current common stock outstanding. When the new management team took over on October 30, 2013, the current outstanding was approximately 294 million shares. As of today, the current common stock outstanding is 384,512,274, and increase of roughly 90 million shares.

We have been judicious in raising capital which is needed to move the project forward. I can state that the overwhelming amount of capital raised have gone toward the Van Deemen gold project. In fact, management compensation has totaled $6,000 for the four officers. Capital raised has gone toward the sample check assays performed by Skyline (the results which should be publicly released tomorrow), the metallurgical testing that is in process and the sampling performed, pictures of which are on the website, and as importantly, the work on the environmental and permitting which has commenced and is being led by Andrew Feltman.

It should be noted that the preponderance of required capital will come later in the development and I have initiated contact with a couple of firms that provide forward purchase agreements, with capital provided upfront for the large expenditures in return for sale of gold at a discount once in production. It is the Company’s objective to minimize dilution at all phases, but particularly at the later phases when a pilot plant needs to constructed.

OTCMarkets will be update later today to reflect the current share structure.

15 Jan 2014

Just a quick update. Late yesterday, International Star received the result of the samples from Skyline Labs. Once we have had a chance to review and analyze the results will be published on our website. I encourage the investment community to frequently check our website as we will adding additional information regarding our Van Deemen gold project. I know that we recently added a map with our claims and historical information is soon to be added. 

30 Dec 2013

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. Just a short note to inform shareholders and the investment community that we have established a social media presence with a Facebook page ( and twitter page ( I will be using social media , as well as, our website ( to provide frequent updates on your Company’s corporate and operational developments.

The next couple of months should prove to be exciting as we get the assay results back from Skyline Labs, as well as, results from field sampling. Finally, I will put up, on our website, the steps necessary to bring the Van Deemen into production so shareholders can measure our progress.

Your management team is ready for 2014 and we wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year!

23 Dec 2013

As detailed in the recent Company filings with OTC Markets, the Company has historically relied on debt to fund its operations. The debt was primarily from the former Chairman, Virginia Shehee, her business, Rose-Neath Funeral Homes and Beaird Operating Companies.  The aggregate debt is approximately $2 million and all of it expired in 2011, unpaid.

I am pleased to report that last week, the Company and the debt holders have signed a term sheet to extend the maturity dates. Terms of the restructuring include:

  • First 24 months from final documentation will be interest free and require no principal reduction.
  • After the 24 month period, the loans begin to amortize over a 36 month period with an interest rate of 10%.

The Company believes that it will have sufficient cash flow to meet the required payments.  

I am also pleased to inform shareholders and the investment community, that the bulk sample collection performed last week was extremely successful and those samples will be sent for analysis. Pictures from the trip are now posted on our website (

Lastly, from the Management team of International Star, wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.

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